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Personalized Gloveleya Curly Ballerina Plush Doll - The Perfect Gift

Personalized Gloveleya Curly Ballerina Plush Doll - The Perfect Gift

When searching for the perfect gift for a little girl, a Gloveleya doll stands out as an exceptional choice. The Gloveleya personalised doll not only offers a soft and cuddly companion but also allows for customization, making it a truly unique present. Whether you're looking for a personalised doll or a personalised doll with names, the 13-inch Gloveleya Curly Ballerina Plush Doll in Tanned Rose is designed to inspire dreams and bring joy to every child.

Gloveleya Personalized Curly Ballet Girl Princess Doll

Why Choose Gloveleya Dolls?

Expertise and Craftsmanship

Founded in 1997, Gloveleya has been a pioneer in creating innovative plush toys that are both timeless and contemporary. Our dedication to quality and creativity is evident in every doll we produce. With over two decades of experience, we have mastered the art of making soft baby dolls that not only look adorable but are also safe and durable.

High-Quality Materials

The Gloveleya Curly Ballerina Plush Doll is crafted from high-end plush fabric combined with premium satin. This ensures that the doll is not only soft to the touch but also has an elegant look that mirrors the sophistication of real ballet costumes. The outer material and fillers are made from 100% polyester, making it safe for even the youngest children.

Customization Options

One of the standout features of this doll is the ability to personalize it. You can add a name (up to 10 characters) and a heartfelt message, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake. This personal touch transforms the doll into a cherished companion for your child. Each doll comes with a customizable greeting card and a delicate gift bag, perfect for any special occasion.

Encourages Imagination and Dreams

This personalised doll is designed to ignite the imagination and inspire dreams. Each doll represents the elegance and grace of ballet, encouraging little girls to dream big and believe in their potential. The enchanting design and premium quality make these dolls ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any special milestone.

Product Specifications

  • Product Name: Ballerina Plush Doll
  • Material: Soft Plush Fabric
  • Height: 33 cm (13 inches)
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Customizable Features: Name, Greeting Card
  • Colors Available: Peach, Rose, Purple, Tanned Purple, Tanned Gold, Champagne Pink, White
  • Packaging: Gift Bag Included
  • Recommended Age: 0 years and above
  • Certifications: CE, ASTM
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Nursing Advice: Hand Wash and Gentle Machine Wash under 30°C (86°F)

Why Personalize Your Doll?

Personalizing your doll adds an extra layer of sentiment and uniqueness. This customization allows the doll to become a treasured keepsake, symbolizing the special bond between the giver and the recipient. It also makes the doll a perfect gift for various occasions, from birthdays to holidays.

To learn more about the charm and enchantment of our dolls, you can explore our blog post.

Shipping and Delivery

At Gloveleya, we understand the excitement of receiving your personalized doll. We offer free standard shipping worldwide, with express options available for faster delivery. Your doll will be personalized within 1-2 business days and dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days.

Estimated Delivery Times:

  • United States: 10-15 days (Standard), 3-7 days (Express)
  • Canada: 15-25 days (Standard), 3-7 days (Express)
  • United Kingdom: 10-20 days (Standard), 5-10 days (Express)
  • Australia: 15-25 days (Standard), 5-10 days (Express)
  • Europe: 10-20 days (Standard), 5-10 days (Express)
  • Rest of World: 20-30 days (Standard), 10-15 days (Express)


The Personalized 13-inch Gloveleya Curly Ballerina Plush Doll in Tanned Rose is more than just a toy; it's a heartfelt gift that conveys genuine affection and warm emotions. With its high-quality materials, customization options, and enchanting design, this doll is a perfect companion for any child. Explore our collection and find the perfect personalized doll to create lasting memories.

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